Mobile Websites


After the emergence of smart phones and tablets, most of the mobile users are always found connected to the internet. In a survey, it has been found that by 2014 nearly 70% of the users will log-in from their mobile devices to use internet.

Do you have a website compatible to mobile devices?

If you are running an online business then it is high time to concentrate on your websites. The browsing experience in the handheld devices is completely different. Thus the website designed primarily for laptops and desktops cannot be used for mobile devices as the user experience and compatibility differs.

Most of the users seek websites on the go for Ticket Bookings, Geo Location, Messaging, Ecommerce, Classifieds, Corporate Websites, Restaurant/Hotel Sites, Travel/Holiday Sites, etc. Hence a website compatible to mobile devices is required to drive the traffic of the mobile users.

We can serve your requirements on various domain using responsive technologies like HTML5, Sencha, jQuery.

  • HTML5

    – Using HTML5, responsive mobile websites can be developed with cross browser and cross device compatibility that works on “Write-Once-Run-Anywhere” methodology

  • Sencha

    – It incorporates MVC (Model–View–Controller) architecture to develop mobile websites that look and feel like native especially for touch-enabled hand held devices

  • jQuery

    – It is a resourceful lightweight framework that incorporates feature rich UI components which enables to built an effective and faster loading mobile websites

At WNSD professional web developers with hands on experience can provide Customized Mobile Websites with advanced features. Our experts have immense knowledge in building effective Mobile Websites thus letting your targeted customers and users enjoy the browsing experience of your websites in their handheld devices.

mobile-websitesWe deliver mobile websites which are

  • Cross browser compatible
  • Cross platform compatible
  • Convenient for downloads
  • Better and faster to access on the go
  • User friendly and easy to navigate web pages

We deliver customized responsive application which can work on multiple platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS and so on, thus no specific application is needed for each platform. Our creative team of designers builds layouts and creates multimedia graphics which are easy to upload and navigate. We make sure that the mobile websites are SEO friendly thus improving the visibility.

We make sure of our success by our customer satisfaction. Grab the attention of the mobile users and reach new verticals of your business by easy to use mobile websites.

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