ERP360 – An Online Accounting Software

softwaredevelopementERP360 online accounting software seamlessly couples core accounting functions such as general ledger, accounts receivables and accounts payable with strong compliance management. Improve business performance, increase financial close efficiency and reduce back-office costs with standardized processes using a single, integrated solution.


Optimize Company Savings with Better Spend Management

Purchasing cycles are often time-consuming and inefficient, especially when requests for goods and services have to be processed manually using a combination of phone calls, emails, paper catalogs and faxes. ERP360 procurement software helps purchasing departments streamline the procure-to-pay process and realize savings with centralized requisition management, intelligent purchasing approval workflow, and simpler purchase ordering.

Order and Billing Management

Supercharge Your Quote-to-Cash Process

ERP360 fast-tracks your order-to-cash process by eliminating manual bottlenecks and errors and establishing a smooth flow from sales quote to approved order, successful order to fulfillment, and timely invoicing to payment. ERP360’s order and billing management capabilities integrate your sales, finance and fulfillment teams—improving quote accuracy, eliminating billing errors, strengthening revenue recognition processes and driving fulfillment accuracy and efficiency.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Streamline Your Fulfillment Process and Keep Your Customers Satisfied

ERP360 provides a seamless quote-to-order, processing-to-fulfillment solution—with complete centralization of customer, order, invoice and shipping information—helping you dramatically reduce fulfillment errors and eliminate the costs of reconciling shipping information.

ERP360 is integrated with top shipping carriers (i.e., FedEx and UPS®), allowing you to manage all of your shipping needs from within ERP360. You’ll have access to up-to-date shipping rates, increasing efficiency and lowering your fulfillment order processing costs.

Revenue Recognition Management

Report Revenue with Confidence and Accuracy

ERP360’s revenue recognition management solution helps companies comply with accounting standards and report financial results in a timely manner. Whether your business conducts sales transactions that consist of products or services, or both, and, whether these transactions occur at a single point in time or across different milestones, ERP360’s revenue recognition solution will help you schedule, calculate and present revenue on your financial statements accurately. Automate revenue recognition with financially intelligent capabilities to report results in accordance with accounting standards.

Financial Planning

Get to Where Your Company Needs to Be

While corporate strategy helps determine the long-range vision for your company, the business environment is constantly changing, which impacts your current operations. ERP360’s financial planning solution provides flexible, “what-if” financial modeling capabilities to help companies meet their budgeting and ongoing forecasting needs. Model and evaluate different financial scenarios to set targets for your annual operating plan, in a bottoms-up or top-down manner, and then analyze the variance between actual and projected results to manage business performance.

Recurring Revenue Management

Maximize the Potential of Your Recurring Revenue Streams

A predictable, recurring revenue stream can make or break a company in today’s economy—but to manage it effectively, sales, service and finance must collaborate and work seamlessly.

ERP360’s recurring revenue management solution integrates all of your front- and back-office processes for your subscription-based business. You’ll always have a complete, real-time view of your customers and their interactions. Improve customer retention and watch your business grow as existing customers renew and new customers get acquired.

Human Capital Management

Maximize The Value of Your Company’s Most Important Resource

While maximizing the value of your company’s most important resource, its workforce, you also need to minimize what you spend on managing it. Additionally, as your organization grows, finding more cost-effective, flexible solutions to administer your growing, diverse and dispersed workforce becomes a necessity.

ERP360 Human Capital Management provides a unique advantage addressing these challenges through an integrated, intuitive, flexible and comprehensive HCM solution.

With this software you are on top of all aspects of your inventory management.

  • Purchase the right quantities at the right time
  • Have the information you need at your fingertips when making a sale
  • Effectively manage your warehouse
  • Use powerful tools to handle backorder processing, movement of inventory, and tracking of true costs

The following is a brief overview of some of the tools we offers in Accounting Software:

Sales & Purchase : Sales/Purchase Register, Expense Purchase Register, Sales Return Register, and Purchase return Register.
Sales Tax Reporting : Sales/Purchase Summary
Receivables & Payables : Ledger Book, Outstanding Statement, Bill wise Ledger, Payment Received Statement, and Balance Listing

Day Books : Bank/Cash Book, Petty Cash Book, Journal Book, Debit/Credit Note Register.

Inventory Management : Stock Ledger, Stock List

Final Statement : Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and Profit & Loss Account
Printable Vouchers : Sale Bill, Form Bank, Cash, Credit Note, Debit Note, Journal, Purchase, Sales Return, Purchase Return, Sales Payment, Purchase Payment, Opening Balance, Excess Stock, Shortage Stock.