CRM 360 – A Software must for every company

softwaredevelopementCRM360 is a fully functional web based application that is required in any company.

It is a very useful tool with multiple features that allows you to organize, process and store information in your business in a way that allows easy sharing, access and control.

CRM360 has many advantages that are desired by companies. It allows to store data on servers in a very simple and accessible way, allowing you to use the safety and security of  advanced computer technologies. It makes data sharing very easy and fast, allowing you to share all kinds of calendar events, client data and internal information.

With CRM360 all company employees can access data from anywhere – all the requirements are an Internet connection and a web browser. CRM360 also records a full history of changes and other user activities and allows to control the data access down to individual fields.

  • Do you “share” documents by sending them as e-mail attachments?
  • Do you need a global, company wide shared addressbook of your customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, etc.?
  • Does your company need a shared calendar?
  • Do you want to improve efficiency of your organization and find any information quickly and easily?
  • Are you tired of countless spreadsheets, reports and too many applications deployed in your business?

We were tired of this too. We looked at number of applications – desktop and web based and none of them were good enough. This is why we created CRM360!

CRM360 Features

  • Dashboard
  • Companies – address book of companies
  • Contacts – address book of individuals
  • Shared Calendar with alerts
  • Shared Task List – To Do
  • Phone Calls Log
  • Notes and Files (Document Management)
  • E-mail client
  • Exclusive Click2Fill form filling
  • Unique Watchdog module monitoring record changes
  • Advanced permission system
  • Shoutbox
  • Customizable shortcuts – quick access